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How to enable sharing location with your friends on Google +

The current Google + (version allows to share my location with selected people. I have been waiting for this feature since Google Maps latitude location sharing wasn’t allowed in Korea. 

So I am here to share how to enable sharing location with your friends/circles on Google +.

On mobile:

1. Go to Google + [Settings]

2.Go to [Location Sharing]image

3. You can choose people you would like to share your location with by clicking ‘Who can see your best available location

4. Then click ‘Go to Location settings' to make sure the setting is correctly set up to share your location. 

5. I ticked both ‘Enable location sharing' and 'Report from this device’. 

On the web:

I went to Google accounts settings - Then [Google +] - then ticked ‘Enable location sharing' and select who I would like to share my location with by clicking a small box next to 'Who can see your best available location

I think (but I am not sure) even after allowing this feature on the web Google account settings, you need to allow your location to be shared/reported from your phone by following the steps above. 

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Uniform Wares 203 Series - Brushed Steel / Blue Leather

10 May, 2013

I ordered a 203 series blue leather watch from Uniform wares

1) Informative Uniform Wares website
I think the website was pretty informative because it had videos for both male and female sizing. 

2) Fast overseas shipping (Korea)image

I initially ordered the watch on 4 May, 2013 - however, the following Monday was a public holiday in the UK. So I think the order was processed on Tuesday (7 May). Then the item arrived in Korea on 9 May and I paid tax (VAT 10% + Custom tax for a watch 8%) on the same day. Then I received it the next day (10 May) via Fedex.



3) 203 Series watch - Brushed Steel/ Blue Leather
I think the watch is pretty nice. The leather strap does not have a strong leather smell. The bright brushed steel background makes the time more visible. The blue second hand on the watch is a nice touch. I am a female and it looks quite modern neat and smart. 


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Enable/Disable/Edit Samsung Galaxy S3 4.1 update feature: Multi-window

Finally, I got a software update on my Samsung Galaxy S III. Out of all other special features, I quite liked the multi-window feature. This looks like a small short cut bar/tab - but the name of this function ‘Multi window”. I would like to show you how to activate, deactivate and edit this multi-window function. 

1. Go to the notification bar - then you see [Multi window]. If this button is in green, your multi-window feature is enabled. 

2. Then on the left side of your screen, you will see this small tab. Drag this tab to the right - then you can expand the multi-window tab.  

3. When you expand the multi-window tab, you will see something like this. If you would like to edit which app to be on this multi-window tab, then click “Edit” in the bottom. If you would like to simply change the order, then hold and drag to change the order in the list.

4. When you press “Edit”, then you can select which app to be on the multi-window tab. 

Overall, I am quite happy about this feature/function. I would be very satisfied and happy if I could customize which app to be on the multi window tab - but I guess this is the room for improvement!

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Using a post office in Seoul, South Korea

30 November, 2012

I wanted to send a couple of Christmas postcards and letters to my friends in France, UK and Israel. So I visited my local post office - Yangcheon post office

The entrance to the post office is on the right side (when you are facing the post office building - so the left side of the post office building itself).image

If I remember correctly, each postcard (to France, UK, Israel) costs about 370 won

Near the entrance, there is a machine that handle simple posts. image

Next to the machine, there are different sizes of boxes for large packages/parcels.

Then there is a place you can pack. It has a large scale, a cart for parcels/packages, tapes and scissors. A very convenient for customers!

Also there is a special section for people who need internet service. Korea is indeed a country of IT!

Also at the internet service desk, there is a mobile phone charger. I am not sure if smart phone would fit. But it said that any mobile phone that is released after Jan 2004 should be able to charge in this charging dock. 

I am very pleased with the service provided by the Yangcheon post office. If you want to use the service, do not forget to get a ticket number when you enter the post office.  

Yangcheon Post Office
서울특별시 양천구 목5동 905-16 
Tel) +82 (0)2-2646-0014

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10 November, 2012

I volunteered to work for University College London as a UCL alumni at the Education UK Exhibition at the plaza hotel in Seoul, South Korea. 

It would have been a great opportunity for someone who would like to study in the UK. A tip that I could give personally is that you should check with each school that who the university representatives would be at the exhibition. Then if a professor of your interest comes, then you can bring your portfolio, share research idea or just to get to know about the course in more detail. 

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How to remove/add ‘page’ from a phone with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean

Adding a page

- The most easy way: Press an empty space on any screen on your phone. And click ‘page’ in [Add to home screen] section

- The formal way: When you are on any page of your screen, click ‘menu’, then click ‘edit page’, then by clicking (+) sign, you will be able to add screen

- FYI: You can add screens up to 7 pages. 

Removing a page

- When you are on any page of your screens, click ‘menu’, then click ‘edit page’

- Then you can remove/add page from here by clicking (+) 

- FYI: In one of your screens, there is one blue coloured house. This means that particular page is your home screen page

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